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Shoppers wait in line to enter a Stop & Shop supermarket during hours open daily only for seniors Thursday, March 19, 2020, in North Providence, R.I. This week grocery store chains and other retailers began offering special shopping hours for seniors and other groups considered the most vulnerable to the new coronavirus. The dedicated shopping times are designed to allow seniors, pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions to shop among smaller crowds and reduce their chances of acquiring the virus. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Coronavirus May Lead To Changes In Our Payments And Shopping Lifestyle

A stream of outlets is now making payment changes forced on them by the outbreak of the coronavirus that will affect the lifestyle of customers. Meanwhile, innovations and tech-related solutions are employed to see lifestyle return to near normalcy.


Burger King, an American multinational chain of fast-food restaurants, aired ads announcing its drive-thrus contactless for both payment and pickups.


Publix, a food and pharmacy retailer also deploys contactless payment. It has a tap-to-pay register at more than 1200 of its locations in the United States. Not to forget Walmart. The largest retailer also promises to provide no-contact pickup, delivery and in-store checkout.


The impact of the coronavirus on our lifestyle cannot be denied. Health, economy and jobs have seen some form of changes as well. We fear that many might take a very long time to return to normal. Some may even stay permanently even after the crisis is gone.


coronavirus changes lifestyle Contactless transactions
Contactless transactions mandated by the coronavirus outbreak are among changes to a shopper’s lifestyle.
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Of the changes to stay, contactless transactions are one most business and retailers will blend into, as shoppers and customers will try to restrict what they touch in stores.


Tap-to-pay offers new solutions to shoppers in this regard. It is already in use in places like Canada, UK, South Korea, China and most recently in the United States. Tap-to-pay will be a fast-growing new trend that shoppers worldwide may adopt as part of their lifestyle.


The essential businesses currently allowed to run, are adapting to the change in payment lifestyle and the increasing demands of customers. When thousands of businesses and merchants across the globe resume after the pandemic, they will need to think up better ideas to bring back their shoppers.


We see large changes to the lifestyle of shoppers and retailers, employing the use of delivery drones and sidewalk robots to foster social distancing. Shoppers might need to think deeply about their shopping lifestyle and methods.


Think about it. Fighting the coronavirus requires no touching of surfaces. Shoppers might have to change picking up of goods with hands, inspecting closely and then putting back down.


Also, the signing of receipt after payments, wearing of gloves before entering the stores, sanitizing of cereal boxes may stay for a while after the pandemic ends.


While some of the lifestyle changes that the coronavirus brought may end with it, some will stay for a while.


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