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CorelDraw 2019 Back On Mac OS After 18 Years

The last time there was a Mac version of CorelDraw was back in 2001. However, in 2019, the developers of the software have returned it to Apple desktops and laptops. The company released what it calls the CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac. It also released a new version for Windows and the web.

CorelDRAW has renewed its commitments to MacOS. It recently got Parallels Desktop, the software that enables Macs to run Windows. The suite starts with CorelDRAW for vector graphic design, illustration and page layout.

It also has the Corel Photo-Paint for photo editing, Corel Font Manager to index and organise font libraries and AfterShot 3 HDR for RAW processing. The LiveSketch uses an AI neural network to turn hand-drawn strokes into vector shapes.

It will run on low-end systems like the late-model MacBook Air based on the system requirements. The CorelDraw web app comprises a subset of the larger application’s features, with documents saved to Corel’s cloud service. Meanwhile, you won’t yet be able to use the web app offline or share documents in the cloud via a link. These features will be added later in the year.

The new CorelDraw Suite will cost $500 (N180,835) for the perpetual license. The suite includes a “dual SKU,” so the Windows and Mac versions are considered separate products. Windows owners can upgrade for 200 dollars.

The two most prominent features on the main CorelDraw application are an Objects Docker called the “Objects Inspector” on Mac OS and non-destructive effects and editable effect stacks on bitmaps.

Interestingly, Corel owns one of the original applications that helped launch the Mac as a for the graphics device. The Corel Painter aka Fractal Design Painter, which they bought from Metacreations in 2000. It also bought Parallels back in December 2018, which is one of the most popular Mac virtual machine programs.

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