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5 easy ways to copy text on websites with disabled text selection

How to copy text from websites that don’t allow it

Disabled text selection on websites or blogs is the dirge of copywriters and even some editors, so we have fashioned these easy-to-use workarounds.

Websites disable text selection to keep serial plagiarisers at bay because it hurts to invest so much in writing original content only for it to be stolen. Sadly, it affects even genuine readers who need the texts for other purposes.

1. Disable JavaScript from your browser; this works if the issue has to do with your browser. You can do this from the browser’s settings. If you are using Chrome, go to: Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > JavaScript > Don’t allow sites to turn JavaScript. Then, you can refresh the page.

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2. Copy from the source code by pressing using ctrl+U to open the code and locating the particular text or paragraph with ctrl+F.

3. You can opt to download extensions such as the Firefox-provided Disable JavaScript service.

4. If all else fails, use ctrl+P to bring up the print dialog on a website that won’t let you copy text because of disabled text selection. On the dialog to print, choose Print to PDF, and you can either copy from the popup or save the file, open it and copy the text.

5. A longer way is to take a screenshot of the page using shift+Windows Key+S (on Windows PC) and Shift+Command+3 (on Mac PC). Then, go to an image-to-text converter website and upload the screenshot. Next, covert the image to text and copy what you need from it.

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