Content Creators Not In The YouTube Partner Program To Earn Nothing On Video Ads

Content Creators Not In The YouTube Partner Program To Earn Nothing On Video Ads

YouTube Partner Program: Google will be running ads on creators’ videos regardless of whether the owner wants it or not. The all-time streaming company, YouTube, began the process on Wednesday, November 18, 2021, following the announcement.


“Starting today, we’ll begin slowly rolling out ads on a limited number of videos from channels not in YouTube Partner Program,” YouTube had said on its blog. YPP, meaning YouTube Partner Program, is a partnership with YouTube; one that makes it possible for creators to receive revenue shares from YouTube by running ads on their videos.


However, YouTube states in its updated terms of service that channels that are currently not in its partner program will begin to see ads on some of their videos. Also, they will not receive any revenue share for the displayed ads showing on such videos. While channels in YPP will continue to receive revenue shares from YouTube if ads run on their videos.

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Previously, the agreement between YouTube and creators was that they could make money when ads run on their videos. They share the revenue collected by YouTube for running ads on their video. Also, ads were limited from running on videos except a record label monetised them as part of their copyright claim.


Currently, YouTube is running ads on videos without sharing the revenue irrespective of their previous agreement. However, the new monetisation rule won’t affect everyone, only those considered ‘big enough’. This leaves out a smaller creator without a huge viewership. In the ‘YouTube right to monetise’ section of the new terms, YouTube reveals how to join YPP.

How to join YPP:

Joining YPP is not an option available to all creators and influencers unless they have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewed contents in the last two months. Then, YouTube will not include their videos in the videos that will run ads for free. Their union with YouTube will allow them to receive revenue shares from YouTube from ads shown on videos.


However, Youtubers or creators who are not able to meet up with the qualification will gain nothing. YouTube would go through this new update to gain more revenue from advertising, because lately it has not been making enough revenue through the medium compared to previous years.


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