Computex 2021 Highlights New Gaming Gadgets On The Block
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Computex 2021 Highlights New Gaming Gadgets On The Block

Computex is a tech event for gaming tech & software companies, such as AMD, Nvidia, and Intel among others.Gaming Tech

This year’s event happened on the 31st of May with big announcements in the form of graphics cards, gaming tech, and software upgrades.

Let’s get into the bits.

Nvidia for instance spoke a lot about gaming, releasing 2 new integrated graphics cards namely, RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti which are rescheduled to be released in the closing days of June. They announced numerous new games supporting their top-tier graphics cards, the biggest names announced were RedDead Redemption 2 and Siege.

Intel announced a new processor and 5G connectivity. They also voiced a new plan to bring 5G connectivity to windows laptops via an M.2 5G card which has worldwide carrier certification. Meaning it can connect to the 5G anywhere around the world. Brands like Asus, Hp, and Acer already have laptops with this feature rolling out this year.

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The company spoke about how the pandemic affected its distribution networks, and also displayed 2 new Tiger Lake-U chips which will boast significant improvements on thin and light laptops.

AMD shared their plans for the year on its Keynote, including a huge gaming feature “FidelityFX Super Resolution”; an image reimaging feature that enables games to render at a higher resolution. This is a direct response to Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

They also announced 2 new chips namely, the 7 5700G which can deliver an average of 78 frames per second (fps) across different game titles at a 1080P resolution, and Ryzen 5 5600G.

AMD also announced 4 graphics cards, a mobile graphics card called RX 6000M, and 3 others based on the RDNA 2 architecture namely, RX6700M, 6800M, and 6600M. These new techs should improve gaming performances and gamers’ overall experience.

This event highlights newer technologies in the software space, as these companies seek to gain more market share in the Enterprise and consumers division.


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