Comedian Buchi’s Wife Arrested By Police; Here’s What Really Went Down

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Comedian Buchi has detailed how his wife was assaulted by his estate security men.

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News was making the rounds that wife Rukky was arrested by the police for vandalising the estate property.

Buchi in an exclusive chat with PUNCH said the reverse was the case. According to comedian and dad of two, one of the estate security men assaulted his niece and his brother attacked the man in retaliation


“I would not want to go into it but I will just want to say that all the allegations are lies. We had an altercation with the estate because one of the security men beat up my niece. My younger brother fought the guy and they fined us,” he said.

He said he refused to pay the fine and instead took to legal action

“I disagreed because we needed to go into the reason for the altercation; the security people harassed a tenant. They should not fine me because my younger brother defended my niece as I was not around when it happened. They fined us and I said that is not right

“I initiated legal action and I informed the estate that I will take the matter to court. They said that since I was taking the estate to court, they will not provide power. I am not around and I had already told my wife not to make any trouble with them.”

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His wife had then gone to insist power be restored but was greeted with hostilities that eventually turned into an altercation

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic courts are not sitting so we cannot institute any action. I have a ten-year-old daughter and the heat was getting unbearable for her so my wife went to demand that they should give restore the power, that was part of the video online, this led her to go to the estate association president’s house,” he added.


“I think what really caused the problem was that she went to the estate association president’s house and she said that she and her children were not going to leave until they restored the power.”


“That was what caused everything. In the process of trying to eject her, they got into an altercation. My younger brother had to step in. The president cried foul to the members of the association and it turned to a mob and they started manhandling my wife. They went ahead to destroy her car. I have video evidence.”


He says although he’s not in the country, he was able to get her out of police custody.


“I am asking, what did her car do to them? Currently, I am not around but I have been making calls. They took her to the police station but I was able to get her out last night. My wife never embarrassed me in public. She did not sleep at the police station. It was a gang up against my wife.”


Buchi Ojieh and his wife Rukky got married in 2017 and they’ve two children together.


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