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Clear Up Media Clutter With This New WhatsApp Storage Management Tool

WhatsApp understands how users can get burdened with media that they no longer need, thus, the company is rolling out a new management tool to help you free up storage space.


The new WhatsApp storage management tool will allow you see thumbnails of contents that you want to delete. Before now, the app only helped sort chats by the amount of space that they take up. Also, it listed the number of messages, photos, GIFS, videos and other media in the chat.


However, without the thumbnail to ‘preview’ what it contains, deleting may take more time than you have to spare. WhatsApp fixes this issue out in its latest feature update. This is not all. The new management tool will provide information like ‘Forwarded many times’ and ‘Larger than 5MB’ when categorising groups of data.

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The new feature will be available to users starting this week, and it may take another week for it to reach all users around the world. You may also need to update your app to access it. To start using it or to check if it is already available in your location, go to: Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.


WhatsApp Messenger app is currently one of the most downloaded mobile app on Google Play Store. It also boasts of having the highest number of daily users as well. Its new features are part of the company’s plan to keep up with the needs of users and also make keep the app relevant.


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