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Cisco Enters League Of Legends Gaming Scene, Partners With Riot Games

Cisco has entered into a partnership with Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends, to provide improved tech for the esports gaming service.


League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online video game battle arena that Riot Games developed. It offers pro-level, competitive matches among gamers which are big events worldwide. In 2019, the event’s World Championship Final had a 21.8 million average minute audience (AMA), a new record in the world of game streaming.


To offer players the best service, Riot Games used a tech known as ping. With ping, players can send commands to the game and get instantaneous responses due to its low latency and smooth connection.


As Cisco is now entering the scene, it is expected that server performance will improve. The giant tech firm also adds that it will also bring security to the League of Legends esports world.

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Cisco Enters League Of Legends Gaming Scene, Partners With Riot Games
A League of Legends event. Photo:


As esports depends completely on server technology, Riot Games will greatly benefit from Cisco’s infrastructure. Its impeccable reputation will also be a plus for the gaming company.


For Cisco, this will be a good opportunity to reach a whole new class of potential customers. It will be able to show a younger generation some of the products and services that it offers and that can benefit them.


In addition, before now, many people see Cisco as a company that focuses on business and enterprise. This diversification into entertainment can improve its image, making it seem less old-fashioned.


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