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Cisco And Google Partner To Make Guest Wireless Access Simple And Profitable

In a blog post on Thursday 10th September 2020, Cisco announced that Google will use its OpenRoaming tech to improve its Orion WiFi.


Cisco had recently put the OpenRoaming project under Wireless Broadband Alliance standard group. The tech, according to Cisco, makes it easier to connect your device to a high-quality WiFi network. It also allows you roam easily between networks that multiple parties control.


On the other hand, Google announced Orion WiFi — a technology that helps venues attach their WiFi installations to cellular roaming networks, without them having to negotiate with every carrier manually.


Google’s tech focuses on automatic billing and it will marry it with Cisco’s OpenRoaming. This will be important in crowded areas like airports, markets or sporting locations. It will greatly reduce the poor cellular strength that people experience in this location by using WiFi to offload cellular traffic.

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Orion WiFi acts like a retail store owner giving cellular carriers access to a WiFi network. With it, cellular operators can buy ‘carrier-class’ access on WiFi networks.


Besides giving end users a better connectivity experience, both indoor and outdoor; it does something else. The carrier pays the owner of the venue for using their equipment and bandwidth. “Orion WiFi, critically, handles the settling of the fees as well as the technologies of interconnecting the systems together,” Cisco’s Matt MacPherson writes.


When Orio WiFi from Google and Open Roaming from Cisco start to work together; carriers get more bandwidth and also, the ability to distribute the load between cellular and WiFi. In closing notes, MacPherson says that the future is seamless. He also added;


“OpenRoaming and Orion will work together; OpenRoaming will add even more roaming possibilities for new identity providers and network access partners. We’re also happy that Google’s Android operating system and its new Pixel phones now support OpenRoaming natively, making it even easier for users to stay always connected.”


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