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Chrome OS Will Add A Built-In Screen Recorder, Bring New Accessibility Improvements

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CHROME OS: Google launched resources and funding for the education sector in early 2020 in an effort to help connect students and teachers amid social distancing practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As virtual learning stays in place, the search giant announced today new improvements to Chrome OS.


First off, Chrome OS is adding a native screen recorder to make it easier for teachers to give lessons to their students. The new capability is rolling out in March as part of an update to the operating system; possibly in line with the release of Chrome OS 89.


Screenshot of Chrome OS settings showing its accessibility features


Google has also promised to launch 40 new Chromebooks this year, although it didn’t give specific details about these upcoming devices. That said, the new Chromebooks will include convertibles that feature a stylus, touchscreen, dual-cameras, and an LTE connectivity. With quite a number of new Chrome OS devices coming this year, the firm has also provided a guide to help you choose the right Chromebook for you.

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The Mountain View giant is also rolling out improvements for audio, video, and reliability to Meet on Chromebooks. In terms of accessibility improvements, Chrome OS’s ChromeVox screen reader now includes the ability to search its menus; and switch its voice depending on the language of the text. Tutorials have gained improvements as well to help teachers conduct online classes.


Finally, Google is beefing up its safety features as students do their studies online. Parents will be able to add their kids’ school accounts to their personal Google account through Workspace For Education; provided these accounts are managed with Family Link. This will allow parents to control how their children use their devices and apps while they log in to their school accounts.



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