You are currently viewing Chrome is adding a step-by-step guide for its privacy and security settings

Chrome is adding a step-by-step guide for its privacy and security settings

So you no longer have to Google “how to” do this and that concerning Chrome privacy and security settings, the browser is adding a step-by-step guided tour.

Privacy has become a source of concern for many internet users because they feel that their lives are getting out of their control. With smart algorithms that predict what you want to type next and those that keep showing ads to products you have either searched once or mentioned in a chat, it is easy to feel under the eye of Big Brother.

These reasons are why we keep getting new features like Cookies permissions and improved privacy settings. Yet, many users are not taking advantage of these features. Sometimes, it is easier to ‘ignore’ them or save time just to click ‘yes’ and be on your way. Other times, you may not really understand what the features do.

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Google Chrome is bringing a walkthrough feature for some settings to combat the ignorance angle of things. This feature, tagged as ‘step-by-step guided tour’, will show how to use privacy and security settings and descriptions of what turning them on would do.

Google says that the guide feature will roll out on Chrome 100 in April or May 2022. It will appear as a new card in Chrome settings’ Privacy and Security tab. You can find it by clicking the three dots at the top-right of the browser. It will have an auto-resume feature allowing you to continue where you stopped if you close the tour mid-way.

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