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Chrome Browsers Will Be Getting New Notification Triggers Soon

Web developers are designing notification triggers that allow users to schedule local notifications and it doesn’t require a network connection to work. This is according to a blog post in March.


Usually, web developers can display notifications using the Web Notifications API. Thomas Steiner, a developer advocate, explains that the feature is often used with the Push API.


This allows it to inform the user of time-sensitive information, such as breaking news events or received messages. In addition, these notifications are shown by running JavaScript on the user’s device.


However, there are issues with the Push API. One major one that has lead to negative feedback is that:


“It’s not reliable for triggering notifications which must be shown when a particular condition, like time or location, is met.


An example of a time-based condition is a calendar notification that reminds you of an important meeting with your boss at 2 PM. An example of a location-based condition is a notification that reminds you to buy milk when you enter the vicinity of your grocery store.


Network connectivity or battery-preserving features like doze mode can delay the delivery of push based notifications.”

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Thus, making it important for developers to create notification triggers. It easily solves this problem by letting you schedule notifications with their triggering condition in advance. So, the operating system will deliver the notification at the right time even if there is no network connectivity or the device is in battery saver mode.


Calendar applications can use time-based notification triggers to remind a user of upcoming meetings. Its default notification setting for a calendar app could be to show a first reminder notification one hour before a meeting. Then another more urgent notification pops-up five minutes before.


Also, a TV network can remind users that their favorite show or a conference live stream is about to begin. In addition, time zone conversion sites can use time-based notification triggers to let their users schedule alarms for telephone conferences or video calls.


However, for now, designers are still gathering feedback and iterating on the design. They have also begun origin trials as well. If you are interested in trying out this notification triggers before its launch, go to How to use notification triggers.


The article also discloses that starting in Chrome 80, the Notification Triggers API will be available as an origin trial.


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