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Chrome Browsers Disallow Websites From Abusing The Back Button

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Some websites sometimes stop internet users when they try to leave a webpage on a website. Chrome-based browsers will soon stop websites from abusing the back button.


Developers behind the Chromium open source browser, which the new Edge and Chrome browsers are built on, are introducing new features to stop websites from distorting the back button functionality. Websites can disrupt the functionality of the back button by introducing redirects. That subsequently lets the website instantly redirect to the intended website. This will only make the back button redirect you back to the page you are attempting to leave.


Websites can also use history manipulation to abuse the back button. They add multiple “pushState” commands to the history which stops the previous page from loading. These pushState commands will stack up so that, no matter how many times you keep pressing, it will never leave the page you are on.


Chromium’s new introduction means anything added to the history that does not require a “user gesture” will be ignored in the future. So the pushState commands or redirect page will no longer work for the websites involved. This will bring a lot of relief to users whom it has frustrated.


Google Chrome Back Button


The new web behaviour change will be available on all Chrome platforms. This will include Linux, Chrome OS, Mac, Android, Android WebView and Windows. It is already approved for launch and expected to appear in the next update of all major Chromium browsers soon.

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