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Chinese Smartphone Markets On The Path Of Recovery From Coronavirus Effects

The Chinese smartphone market is slowly recovering from the blow that the coronavirus dealt it earlier this year. According to reports about Apple and Xiaomi sales, China seems on the verge of a comeback.


This is good news amidst all the negative ones that the coronavirus had caused. From lockdowns to unemployment rise and deaths, the world needed some positivity.


Reuters claims that in March 2020, smartphone shipments in China was about 21 million units. This was from data that the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) supplied.


While this statistic is nearly 20% of what was sold in March 2019, it represents about three times sales increase when compared to February 2020.


This is because, in that month, the lockdown measures were in full force. Tech factories were shut down, production lines stopped working and Apple closed all its stores in China as well.

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Now, Apple alone is said to have sold 2.5 million iPhones in China in March. This represents an improvement on the part of the company’s sales.


In addition, Apple’s assembly plants in China, Foxconn have slowly resumed operations through February and into March. Also, “iPhone City”, the company’s mega-complex in Zhengzhou, has seen over 200,000 workers resume for work in March.


There are further reports suggesting that the factory shipped almost 300,000 iPhone units per day when these workers resumed. This is close to its usual output before the coronavirus pandemic hit.


By the end of March 2020, Chinese phone makers, Xiaomi, also acknowledged an improvement in its market.


Xiaomi’s Chief Financial Officer Shou Zi Chew revealed during an earnings call interview:


“The [Chinese] market has entered a full recovery stage, and… has already recovered to 80 to 90% of the normal level.”


Apple and Xiaomi are not alone as other smartphone makers are reporting similar news. One thing the world can learn from Chinese smartphone market recovery is that; while total lockdown hurts the market, it hastens the end of a pandemic and the resumption of normal trading activities.


However, there are still doubts as to the transparency of the Chinese authorities on coronavirus reports.


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