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China To Perfect DNA Face Recreation Technology Soon

China is reportedly launching a face recreation technology using DNA. This is called DNA Phenotyping. Why is this development causing the world so much worry?  Based on a New Yorker article, the Chinese government is close to perfecting this tech and it is raising fears. Many suspect that it would become a repression tool in the hand of the authorities.


It also became clear that the Chinese are not standing alone. Some institutions in Europe and the U.S. are supporting this research. But the project is currently run in the Xinjiang region.


Chinese Muslims are targets of segregation. Photo: Wired.


The use of DNA to profile a person, or at least their face has some beneficial applications. Like in cases of manhunt or to reduce the volume of suspects in a case. However, there are some applications that have given much unrest.


China’s recent history of segregating Uighur Muslims and other Muslim minority groups is placed in the spotlight. The development of DNA facial reconstruction can lead to easier racial profiling and discrimination. Also, mass surveillance of dissidents and protesters may also be put in action.

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Scientists run the project from China’s ministry of public security at the ministry of tech. They recently published their findings in the International Scientific Journals and this attracted criticism.


Chinese authorities responded to the negative reactions by saying most people voluntarily submitted their blood for tests. But they blocked reporters from interviewing people in the region to confirm. On the route to the location, a video showed the site of a whole village bulldozed to the ground.


In addition, a report said China forced the tests in Tumxuk. The government-mandated that people living in the region keep visiting health centers for regular checkups. Uighur Muslims who escaped reported this.


Recall that we had reported that new phone users in China now have to do face scans. It looks like the freedom atmosphere in China is now dark. The crackdown continues as the world watches on.


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