You are currently viewing Chike Celebrates The Beauty Of Nigerian Weddings In Visuals For “Roju”

Chike Celebrates The Beauty Of Nigerian Weddings In Visuals For “Roju”

Chike has released visuals for his hit love song “Roju”, a track off his 2020 “Boo of the Booless” album.  In the video, Chike weds his bride in a traditional wedding setting.

First, he is dressed in the Igbo Isiagu traditional attire as he receives his palm wine from his bride signifying that they have agreed to be man and wife. Then the couple switches to a Hausa attire and ends it in a Yoruba traditional wedding setting.Chike Celebrates The Beauty Of Nigeria Weddings In Visuals For "Roju"Chike Celebrates The Beauty Of Nigeria Weddings In Visuals For "Roju"

From the food to the attires and the dancing, Chike and his bride beautifully showcased the beauty of traditional weddings from the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

In April, Chike had a chat with the PUNCH where he revealed “Roju” exceeded his expectations

“I never thought that Roju would be a commercial success. It happened that I sent my producer a sample of what I wanted for the song. However, when he sent back the beat, I did not like it at all. He had sent and told me to record my song first. I grumbled while I was recording the song but I still gave it my best. He tried to placate me by saying he would still bend for me after I had done my part, though he never did. I have realised that I am not the one that consumes my music and everyone in my team really liked it when I played it for them. When I saw that, I resolved never to let my ego make decisions for me”.

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Chike also revealed his experience in the music industry has been really interesting and fruitful in recent times.

“As a matter of fact, my most profitable year so far was 2020, after the release of my album titled, “Boo of the Booless”. The year that preceded that was also not bad because I was privileged to have performed on many stages that gave me recognition. However, the success of 2020 really made a great difference in my career. Music has been a profitable venture for me”. He said.

Watch Vido of Chike’s “Roju” below

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