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Check Out These Great Podcast Apps For Android

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Podcasts are a great way to keep abreast on trendy topics. There are great insights shared on podcast daily. Sometimes, it can be your favourite sport, money tips, career talk or relationship conversations. It could even be getting inspired daily by your favourite preacher. Whatever your preferences are, a podcast is a great way to stay inspired.

Here are some great podcast apps to check out:

1. Stitcher

This has been rated one of the best podcast apps for Android users. It lets you make a collection of your favourite apps for a long trip or leisure. Users can also discover a new range of other interesting shows and podcasts from ESPN, CNN, Fox News and the like.


2. Google Play Music

Google has a podcast feature integrated into its streaming music experience. The app has a great discovery portal and awesome choices for users. It also has great Android support. It is a simple app that requires very minimal setup.


3. Pocket Casts

This app loads very quickly and has an amazing slowing down effect. It has great features for beginners and provides an ability for offline storage. You can also download your favourite podcasts on your device. It is one of the finest Android apps.


4. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

This android podcast app can give users access to videos from popular international news channels. It has Chromecast support and gives you control over download preferences. It includes Wi-Fi only downloads, interesting widgets, smart playlists and much more.


5. Podcast and Radio Addict

This free podcast app has exciting features like Chromecast support, video and audio podcasts, widgets, themes, Android Auto and Android Wear. It is also very cheap to use. You can get loads of free podcasts to listen to.


6. SoundCloud

This free app is very popular for uploading music and songs. It also features great podcasts. It is very popular with independent podcasters. There is a variety of content available. It also has a modernised interface and amazing controls. You can get great download access to amazing podcasts.

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