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Check Out These Fun Hidden Google Search Tricks

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Google is pretty much the god of the internet. The webspace for most people begins and ends with Google, from Google listening to us, to the tech giant watching us and reading our minds. Google does not just feed us with its daily doodles but it also has Easter Eggs from time to time. A good example is The Wizard of Oz Easter Egg reported by Plat4om in commemoration of the 80 the anniversary of the classic film. There was also the Thanos surprise Google put up.

Google’s search engine is filled with tricks and hidden discoveries. Here are some great tricks by Google you need to explore.



1. Search ‘Askew’

If you search the word Askew on Google, it will give you a result page that is slightly tilted. The entire page will have a list of results that is slanted. No, your computer is not faulty. Google is just doing the most and having some fun. You can share the link with your friends too and get them excited.


Google Askew


2. Make Google ‘Do a Barrel Roll’

Type do a barrel roll into the Google search engine and the website will literally do a barrel roll. The page will take a full 360-degree spin and come right back. It is a fun way to get your older relatives to panic. The trick is one that even gets some young people. Google sure knows how to get us to have fun.


Google Spins


3. Disappearing Results

This one would remind you of the Google Easter Egg for “Avengers: Endgame”. Thanos’ disappearing glove was able to clear results like it did in the film. With this one, if you search Zerg Rush, the Google results will disappear one by one. The search will take you to a page where you will see alphabets ‘o’ and then the search results will erase one by one. Almost like with the game, after all the results disappear, the alphabets will form the two Gs in Google. It came from a 1998 Starcraft real-time strategy game in which a player could choose to play as Zergs, an alien race. 


Google Zerg Rush


4. Blinking Results

If you search Blink HTML on Google, the words that contain ‘blink’ or ‘blinking’ in the search result will start to blink. This will continue to happen even as you scroll to the end of the page. You can try it right now on a Google search box on your device.


Google Blink


5. Free-to-Play Atari Breakout

Just in case you are bored at work and need a break, check out this game. The Atari Breakout game will keep you entertained for a few minutes or hours. Make sure your boss is not watching though. Just go to Google images and type in Atari Breakout. The regular image search page will turn into a game screen after a few seconds. However, you may also want to keep the sound down on your computer.


Google Atari Breakout


6. Play Snake

You can also catch up on old times with the snake game. If you type Play Snake on Google search, the snake game will show on the home page with the play button. Click on it and navigate with your keyboard arrow keys. It does bring a lot of memories especially if you used the good old Nokia 3310.


Google Snake


Click this page to find a tilted version of Google Search. It comes with a line up of games and guitar features. Fun Google is the place to be on a not-so-busy day.

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