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Check Out Snapchat’s New Status Feature

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Hey, Snapchat buffs! We have great news for you. Snapchat has a new feature and it lets your friends see what exactly you are doing.


They have started testing the new feature called Status in Snap Maps. It lets you check into places and allows your friends to see where you and what you are doing there.


There a now Bitmojis that you can use to represent what you are doing, whether you are playing football, doing karaoke or eating Jollof. It also builds up a list of places you have been with a feature they called Passport.



In the past, Snap Maps will pick out your location by bringing up a random Bitmoji to represent the place you and at what time of the day that you’re there. Now, your friends will be able to track you down wherever it is you are.


The new feature is currently being tested to a few new users in Australia according to Snapchat’s spokesperson.


To be able to use this feature, open Snap Maps and hit the Status button in the bottom left corner. You will now select from a list of places around you and type in a custom place. The app will provide you will a list of Bitmoji with activities that tally with the specified location. A tooltip will proceed to tell everyone exactly where you are.


The status will last until you move out of the location, then you can delete it. The location will be added to a private list called Passport. You can also delete the location if you want. You can choose to share your location with friends, just like before. Or ghost by activating the Ghost Mode feature.


It sounds a little like Facebook check-in but a cooler version with Bitmoji.

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