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Davido. Photo: Instagram/@davidoofficial

Check Out How Much Your Favourite Nigerian Celebs Are Worth On Instagram

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Social media influencers get popular somehow. It could because of their witty content or just their looks. However, it is a different ball game when you are already popular outside social media. Even though you aren’t on social media to make money, the money still comes after you.

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This would be the case for most of our celebrities. They just need to be present and brands begin to scuttle to get their products or services on their social media pages. Being influential on social media means that you can influence your audience’s decisions to an extent. This makes you a major player in the game and this power you have over people’s consuming power is enough to earn you a living.


Instagram Davido


An automated Instagram scheduler, Hopper HQ recently made a compilation called the 2019 Instagram Rich List. It displays a list of the highest-paid African celebrity influencer on social media. Nigerian Musician, David Adeleke aka Davido tops the list for Nigeria. According to them, a post from Davido is worth up to ₦26.7 million on Instagram.


Davido is ranked the 38th highest-paid celebrity influencer on Instagram. Apparently, his post is estimated to be worth more than some popular international celebrities like Serena Williams on the social media app. As of Monday, August 5, 2019, the Nigerian music sensation nicknamed OBO has a total of 11.9 million followers on Instagram.

Davido Can Make ₦26.7 Million Per Post on Instagram


The international award-winning young superstar is expected to be worth even more this year. This is because a lot of brands continue to get profitable visibility from his platform. However, topping the African list is Liverpool player, Mohammed Salah. He can make more money than Davido from Instagram and is the richest person from Africa on the list.


Salah takes the 26th position on the list as he can make money from Instagram than some other big shot American athletes. For example, his Instagram post is worth more than that of the undefeated welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather. With 30.7 million followers, Salah can earn up to $165,000 (approximately ₦60 million) per post on Instagram.


Instagram Salah
Mohammed Salah


Nigerian comedian and actress, Funke Akindele-Bello, follows Davido in the top spot in Nigeria. At number two in Nigeria, she is 45 on the global scale with 8.2 million followers. A post from her based on engagement is worth up to a whopping $50,000 (approximately ₦18.1 million) on Instagram.


Star boy, Wizkid is number three in Nigeria with 8.1 million Instagram followers. He comes right after Akindele-Bello on the global rankings at number 46. The Soco crooner is worth $49,700 (approximately ₦18.016 million) per Instagram post.


Taking the fourth position in Nigeria is the female music superstar, Tiwa Savage. She has the number 48 spot globally with 7.8 million followers on the social media app. Her one post is estimated to be worth up to $47,200 (approximately ₦17.11 million).


Even though Instagram recently revealed it will start hiding likes, it doesn’t seem like it will affect the income of these superstars.

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