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Check Out Five Nail Shapes And Their Different Names

Did you know that nail shapes have different names? You go to the nail salon, and you are confused about what to do with your nails. Knowing the different names of nail shapes will help save your time and that of your nail technician.


Below are different nail shapes and how best they suit the wearer.


1. Square nails

Check Out Five Nail Shapes And Their Different Names
Square nails are usually very short. With short nails, you can go about performing your chores smoothly.


2. Round nails

Check Out Five Nail Shapes And Their Different Names
These are short or medium-length nails. Round nails are also well suited for house chores and daily activities.


3. Ballerina or Coffin nails

Ballerina or coffin nails will look absolutely beautiful on the working class lady who is out and about and wants to look classy.


4. Lipstick nails

Imagine wearing a lipstick on your fingernails. No, not literally. It is just the name of this particular nail shape. They are unique and for the stylish lady. Lipstick nails are short enough on one end for you to get things done without hassle, while also being long enough to attract attention.


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5. Stiletto nails

Last but not least are Stiletto nails. They are long and the tips are pointy, quite like those shoes we all love so much. Just make sure you don’t slap or pinch anyone one when you fix these nails.


So the next time you visit a nail salon, feel free to call these different types of nails by their names. Which of these nail shapes is your favourite?


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