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Check Out Apple’s Newly Introduced Services

At the 2019 Apple event, Apple has some new services. The highlight of the Apple services, of course, was Apple TV Plus. But that was not the only thing Apple revealed. They also unveiled some other new subscription services to iOS users. Take a look at all of them below:

Apple News Plus

This new subscription Apple service adds magazines to the Apple News lineup and Apple News Plus. The monthly family sharing subscription is now available in the US and Canada at $9.99. It has the first-month free caveat too.

Apple News Plus highlights magazines with a new interactive presentation feel. You can browse through magazines you subscribe to. New issues are also automatically downloaded for offline reading. Subscribers will have access to up to 300 magazines.

The privacy on this app is also top notch. Advertisers can’t track what you’re reading, so you don’t receive targeted ads based on stories you click on.

Apple Card

With Apple Card, you can apply directly on the iPhone. Once approved, the card is then stored digitally on the Wallet app. You can now view your statements, balance and payment due dates. The app also tags your locations and retailers to help you browse through transactions and remember where you may have made that purchase.

The card generates new security codes each time you make a purchase. It requires no credit card number, CVV, signature or expiration date. However, you can generate one if you are using a site that does not yet support Apple Card.

The Apple Card, backed by MasterCard offers a 2% cash back reward and 3% for Apple purchases. This discount is paid back into your Apple Pay account that you can use to pay for in-app purchases or transfer to friends. The card is most likely accepted wherever MasterCard is.

Apple Arcade

The new Apple Arcade gaming subscription service will turn Apple devices into a gaming device. It is a subscription to games service that is available through the App Store. You can now play games on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch using your iOS device.

This Apple service will give users access to more than 100 games that are exclusive to iOS, with offline options. The subscription fee is yet to be disclosed.

Apple TV Channels

The new Apple TV update will now include a focus on American TV channels. It may only be available in the United States, but support will expand to more than 100 countries. They are yet to specify when this will happen though. The Apple service will let subscribers choose which channels they’d like to subscribe to and pay per channel.

The Apple TV app will receive an update for Channels this May. The app will be available to Mac through smart televisions, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

An iOS Update

There is a new iOS software update for iPhones and iPads. The new iOS 12.2 comes with the Apple News Plus, the new subscription for magazines and other premium news articles. The update allows Siri to play videos from the Apple TV on the iOS device. This will be upon upgrade to the latest Apple TV version.

The new update also supports the new generation of AirPods. It also introduces four new Animoji: the giraffe, shark, boar and owl. As expected, the new software includes improvements and bug fixes.

To download the new update, go to “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad, tap General and navigate to Software Update.

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