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You Need To Avoid These Nine Types Of Boyfriends In 2020

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A famous musician called Zlatan once said, “Bye-bye to yeye boyfriend,” and a lot of people need to adopt this mantra. As 2019 draws to an end, ushering us into a new year, there are certain boyfriends you consciously need to avoid in the year 2020. Ladies, there are some types of men that should not follow you into 2020.


If the relationship was of no good in 2019, what makes you think they will miraculously be better in the new year?


Take a look at some types of boyfriends you must avoid in 2020.

1. The liar
This boyfriend’s statement never adds up. You know deep down that he is lying. Hey sis! It’s time to move on!


2. The cheat
He cheated on you in 2019, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you next year? If he can’t make up his mind to be exclusive in the relationship, leave him in 2019.


3. The stingy boyfriend
If you cannot point one or two things this man has bought for you in 2019, then let him walk away from your life. You need a generous man that can spend his cash on you in the new year.


boyfriend drop in 2019


4. The lazy boyfriend
This one is comfortable with his meagre salary and not making any effort to get a better job. You need to drop him in 2019, so he can be better for himself in the new year.


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5. The s*x addict
This boyfriend has s*x at the centre of his mind. In short, that’s the only reason he is with you and you know it. Enter into 2020 afresh. You need a better man.


boyfriend drop in 2019


6. The pretender
This is another one of the boyfriends to avoid in 2020. What he says is different from what he does; his actions do not add up a lot of times. He is a pretender and may just be with you for his personal gain. Cut him off this year.


7. The undercover lover
You both have been together all through 2019, and you are yet to meet any family member of his. He says he wants to keep the relationship private, but there’s a clear difference between privacy and secrecy. You need someone who’s proud to show you off to the world, not hide your relationship away in a dusty closet. He may not have plans to remain with you in the long run, so use your head now.


8. The “fear of commitment” boyfriend
This boyfriend will always run at the mention of “marriage” or a longterm commitment. He wants to continue dating you but doesn’t want to take the relationship to the next level. My dear, park and go.


9. The incompatible boyfriend
You know in your heart that your visions do not align. Your life goals are in opposite directions, yet you want to make it work by force. It is better you enter the new year as a single woman with peace of mind than struggling with a guy you know you are not going anywhere with.


If your boyfriend possesses some or all of these attributes, then it’s time to end the relationship. Use your head now and guard your heart before you make the same mistakes in 2020.


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