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Cheapest MTN data plans for Nigerian remote workers

These are the cheapest MTN data plans for remote workers living in Nigeria to save cost.

If you have ever wondered how some skilled Nigerians manage to pull off working on several projects, hop on virtual meetings, and so on with rising data costs, it is because they know some of these data subscription tips. It gets even better when you have one or two other person to share cost with.

Internet service providers reward customers who can spend higher with more data. Here is how to get the cheapest MTN data plans deals:

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  1. MTN Data4Me: This is a special offer that the network provider makes available for YOU based on how much airtime you frequently recharge and the amount you have on your SIM. Dial *121# and select “3” in the options prompt before choosing which of the offers you prefer like 150GB for N15,000.
  2. MTN Double Data Plan: This data plan literally doubles any data sub request you make and you can activate it by sending “DOUBLE” to 131 in the message app, then after you receive a message from MTN, ignore it and send “PROMO” to 131. Finally, send “FREE” to 131. After completing these steps, you can purchase any data bundle and get twice the value.
  3. Cheapest MTN Data plans for remote work: Other times, just not knowing about some of the best data plans could have spending unnecessarily more. See some of the best MTN Data plans (monthly and more):
    10GB for NGN3,000 (30 days)
    20GB for NGN5,000 (30 days)
    40GB for NGN10,000 (30 days)
    120GB for NGN20,000 (30 days).

With these data plans you should be covered for at least one month. Which of these are you trying first?

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