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Chacha Eke Says She Has Bipolar Disorder But Her Brother Says It’s Not True

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Actress Chacha Eke Faani has made a new video from her hospital bed to announce she’s suffering from bipolar disorder. chacha eke

She alluded her mental ailment to the reason why she made a video to say her 7-year marriage to her husband Austin Faani was over.


She stressed her husband has never laid a hand on her and she didn’t suffer any domestic abuse from him.


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“Five days ago, I made a video saying that my marriage to Austin Faani is over and that video came with a lot of backlash from people with many insinuating that it’s a clear case of domestic violence. It’s not. Austin has never laid his hands on me. Austin has never even raised his voice at me and God in heaven knows that’s the truth.”
I’m here at First Delta American hospital, Asaba, receiving treatment.” she said.


“Several psychiatrists have come to assess me mentally and I have been diagnosed of bipolar disorder. Bipolar is real. Here in Africa, we tend not to know about it due to ignorance or overlook it. I cannot tell you all how I’ve been feeling in these tiny videos that I’ve been making but I will, however, show you motion pictures soon.”

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterised by depressive and manic episodes.

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Nollywood Actress Chacha Eke Quits Marriage To Austin Faani After 7 Years

Meanwhile, her brother has Aik Eke has refuted his sister’s claims, insisting she is not bipolar.

On his Instagram stories, Mr Eke wrote that the video was her husband’s Austin Faani hasty move to clear his name.

“I don’t like drama, I don’t like fight on social media, I prefer to be low key on social media. But I won’t ignore this because it’s all shades of wrong and evil. Firstly, Chacha has not used a phone for the past five days and she did not post that video.”

chacha ekechacha eke

“Secondly, she does not have bipolar disorder. Thirdly, I don’t know how that video was made. Why did he post such information without her consent because she’s not aware that he posted that video. I wonder why he is in a haste to clear his name at her expense. Someone you claim to love.


Next time, use your IG account if you desperately want to clear your name. Meanwhile, for every smart moves, I’m here to counter it. Slow your roll, let sleeping dogs lie. That I said it’s not a case of domestic violence does not mean you are innocent. The world knows there is a cover up here. Be careful Mr. Man.


Chacha Eke is a Nigerian actress that has featured in several films. She married Austin Faani, a film producer 7 years ago and they share three kids; two girls and a boy.




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