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CES Bans “Cannabis” At Its event After Honouring Weed Tech, KEEP

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KEEP Labs was one of the Innovation Award Honoree award winner for CES 2020. However, it is cannot say the word “cannabis” on the CES show floor.


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) runs the CES, which is Consumer Electronics Show is and it is an annual trade show.


CES KEEP Cannabis Weed
The KEEP Box


The CTA told KEEP Labs it could only exhibit its device if its signage, marketing materials, and the product as a whole is free from cannabis products and paraphernalia.


KEEP’s product is actually designed explicitly for cannabis. Also, it was the first time a company centered around marijuana has won an award from CES, thus, making the feat historic for KEEP Labs.

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Due to the strict guidelines, KEEP Labs decided it wasn’t going to exhibit at CES despite winning one of its top awards. The company also features on the CES website, among other Innovation Award Honorees, where the word “cannabis” is dominant throughout the description.

KEEP smart storage

The device is known as KEEP and it is a discreet desktop storage device designed to keep cannabis fresh.


However, it resembles a smart speaker with a clock. The top opens after releasing its smart lock, revealing its storage containers for cannabis products. With a built-in scale and a hermetic seal, it is purpose-built to be an ideal spot to store and secure cannabis.


KEEP Labs founders are two Canadian dads looking for a more secure way to store edible weed. This then led them to look for innovative ways to try to store cannabis items.


The device uses facial recognition for its security. If KEEP detects tinkering, the owner will get a smartphone notification. An airtight seal keeps its content fresh and contains odors. Separate containers keep it organised Inside. And there’s also a removable rolling tray and space for accessories. A battery allows owners to use the device anywhere.


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