You are currently viewing CES 2020: LG Unveils Rollable OLED TV That Will Cost About $60,000

CES 2020: LG Unveils Rollable OLED TV That Will Cost About $60,000

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LG is launching an OLED TV, exhibiting it at the CES 2020 and it will most likely cost more than a car. LG exhibited the LG Signature Series OLED TV R  at the CES 2019 and it was accepted at the time. However, the product never made it to the market.



The engineering team behind the OLED, LG Display says that last year’s model actually wouldn’t be able to unfurl from the ceiling because of limitations with its rolling mechanism, however, they say that those issues have been fixed for 2020.


LG exhibited the R9 Series to the CES 2020 again but this time with the new ability to unfurl from the ceiling. The company’s Senior VP of Communications, Tim Alessi, also confirms that the TV will be available later this year.


LG rollable oled tv
The LG Rollable OLED TV Rumoured To Cost About $60,000
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According to Tim, the R9 series has been updated with the LG’s new Alpha A9 III chip. However, he says that the TV will not likely include the ATSC 3.0 Tuner needed to receive 4K and HDR over-the-air broadcasts.

The price of the rollable OLED TV unknown at the moment

Although Tim says an exact date and price is unknown at the moment, CNET reports that its final price is likely to be $60,000 according to a conversation with JS Lee, head of global marketing for LG’s home entertainment business.


In addition to the full-sized TV view, there’s also the TV in “line view,” where it rolls back up and descends into the box until about only a quarter of its screen is still visible. LG has a special home page for this short, widescreen shape, allowing it to display a clock with the weather, personal photos or moving ambient designs.


The screen can also disappear completely while music plays and the set’s sound system can connect with your phone via Bluetooth.


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