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CEO Of Sujimoto Fight Dirty On LinkedIn Over Controversial Sujimoto Ad

Sijibomi Ogundele, the CEO of Sujimoto, a luxury real estate company and Wiebe Boer, the CEO of All On, an Impact Investment Fund company recently unsheathed their swords and went at each other over a Sujimoto Ad.CEO Of Sujimoto Fight Dirty On LinkedIn Over His Controversial Sujimoto Ad

Sujimoto had plastered their ads on the highbrow ends of the metropolis city of Lagos, ads that raised many eyebrows and sent tongues wagging.

One of the ads reads;

“This ad is meant for the 1% of the 1%. The others can look away”

Sujimoto ad


Another reads;

“Even if you can’t afford Lucrezia By Sujimoto, you can afford to admire it!”

Sujimoto ad


Reacting to the ads, Wiebe Boer took to his LinkedIn page to call out Sujimoto, writing that he found their ad tasteless and insensitive, giving the harsh economic situations Nigerians are currently facing.

“I find these billboards from luxury construction company SUJIMOTO on Alfred Rewane in Ikoyi and Falomo Bridge in VI to be insensitive and tone deaf in this time of increased economic hardship,” he wrote.

There should be a creative way to advertise a product without insulting the demographic that is outside the target market.”

The CEO of Sujimoto Ogundele didn’t waste time to hit back at Boer. He commented on the post saying he knows the All On CEO cannot afford his products.

“You can’t obviously afford the Lucrezia, but you have demonstrated affordability by posting *these ads* . Thanks for sharing, we shall add you to the competition Wiebe Boer, Ph.D.

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To which Boer responded;

“You clearly aren’t getting my point. Don’t add me to any competition. I’m not interested.”

Ogundele continued to attack people who spoke against the ad in the comments, saying they should continue in poverty even as his business thrives.

Meanwhile, top industry players have carried on with the conversation in the comments of Boer’s post; some arguing for and others against the brazen Sujimoto ad.

While some say the Sujimoto has capitalised on the Nigerian egocentric mentality of oppression, others are of the opinion that the ad is simply disruptive marketing and people who are not in the 1% they referred to should simply ignore.

What do you think?


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