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Celebrating Mother’s Day: Perfect Time To Remember Sunday Rice

It’s Mother’s day and the perfect time to reminisce on the beautiful memories. These memories will not be complete without that of Sunday rice.



If you are from the Gen Z generation , then Sunday rice may seem normal with you. But if you are a millennial, then certain you can relate.



Unlike every other meal, this delicacy has a special taste. Mind you, you may have eaten rice all through the week, but Sundays are just special type of different.



On that day, kids are quick to run errands for their mum. While one is washing the dishes, the other is standing next to mummy asking her what next they should do. The excitement can be sniffed in the air.



Surprisingly this meal is normal white rice and stew and not the fried or jollof variety. Yet the deliciousness of this meal is just out of this world.


Photo: Eva’s Eats


Sunday is the wrongest time to offend your mother. This is not because she will starve you, but because you want to eat your rice in peace.


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Mummy also ensures she cooks it in bulk so that everyone can eat to their fill and even guests can also eat of it when they visit.



The Sunday rice is special and it is one tradition some of us who no longer live with our parents miss a lot.



So if you have the Sunday rice experience, why not share with us in the comment section.



Is it one tradition you would like to continue in your home, or do you feel there was nothing special about Sunday rice?



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