You are currently viewing CBN Allegedly Summons Flutterwave Over Donations Supporting #EndSARS Protesters

CBN Allegedly Summons Flutterwave Over Donations Supporting #EndSARS Protesters

According to reports from various online sources, CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) has summoned Flutterwave, a fintech in the country, over donations made towards supporting the #EndSARS protesters.


As of when this article was written, we have no confirmation from both CBN and Flutterwave. However, a Twitter user who had initially dropped the Flutterwave links for donations revealed that the links have stopped working while updating with a local back account number.



Another Twitter user confirmed that the Flutterwave donation link was compromised. The user Tweeted:


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Flutterwave is a secure payments platform that has been operating in Africa since 2016, although it was registered as a US-based company in May 2016. During the protest to end the brutal police unit, SARS, Flutterwave came to the fore to support protesters.


Before its link began having issues, it had gotten over N23.4 million in donations from different countries around the world and via various currencies as well.



There is also another Tweet that claims that the link issue has to do with maintenance and not some government-sanctioned activity.



However, it is difficult to rule out the possibility that the Nigerian Federal Government and CBN are not involved in frustrating donations towards the protests against SARS. We also found that many other local bank accounts handling such donations are being blocked.


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