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Canoo Startup To Build Its Electric Vehicles At A New Oklahoma Factory

Electric utility vehicle Startup Canoo will build its electric vehicles at an Oklahoma factory in 2023. It currently has electric vans among its target market, with a wide range of utility features.


Canoo Electric Van
Electric van


The California startup announced Thursday last week its plan to build electric vehicles at a new factory outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The startup claims the new factory will create “more than 2,000 jobs” when opened.


The EV startup has plans to build the facility on a 400-acre site at the MidAmerica Industrial Park complex in Pryor, Oklahoma. According to Canoo, it will have a paint shop, body shop, and general assembly plant.


Canoo calls this new facility a “mega micro-factory”. The Ev startup went public at the closing of 2020, raising close to $600 million. Its first vehicle, an electric van was first announced in 2019, will be produced by the end of 2022.


Electric Van


The Electric vehicle startup plans to use the same compact drivetrain for all its proposed vehicles. This will house the battery pack, electric motor, and all the electronics.

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Much if not all of Canoo EV Platform and production is in-house. They pride themselves firstly as a Tech company, and secondly as an electric vehicle startup.

Canoo goes n**e.
Canoo’s drivetrain Exoskeleton


Canoo in-house staff is made up of more than fifty percent software engineers, its simplistic design language has drawn interest from Hyundai and Apple. Although both deals and talks with both companies have broken down.


Tony Aquila, Canoo CEO said the startup ran a “multi-state competition and invested millions of dollars to find the right manufacturing facility”.


Officials from Oklahoma said, “We have made electric vehicle manufacturing a top priority in our efforts as we work to further diversify Oklahoma’s economy “.


This is all good business for Canoo and the facility state which presented an incentive package of over $300 million. These Monies will increase further if Canoo met a target of hiring military veterans to make up 10 percent of the workforce at the facility, Tony Aquila disclosed.


Canoo has priced Lifestyle Vehicle EVs for 2022.


From the look of these Canoo has the right management and technology to pioneer the electric van market, just like Tesla did for electric cars.



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