You are currently viewing California about to improve children safety online with this bill

California about to improve children safety online with this bill

California passed a bill at the end of August that could see online platforms take children online safety more seriously. The bill has already passed in the Senate and it is tagged California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act.

It now awaits the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom to become a binding law but it will still have to wait until 2024 before it becomes effective. However, online platforms will not wait until the law becomes effective before they start racing to fulfill their own obligations.

While we don’t have all the details yet, CNBC says that the law covers users under the age of 18. It requires online platforms to implement the highest privacy settings and clearly alert them when their location is being monitored by their parents or guardians.

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In addition, it would prevent such platforms from tricking minors into making some wrong choices like giving away their personal info when not necessary, a tactic known as dark patterns in the tech industry.

The bill got positive reviews after it became public with several insiders saying that other American states could adopt it and it could even become a federal directive.

However, their is also the concern that it may allow further intrusion on privacy when they service provider is trying to assess the user’s age to tailor content for them.

Likely, it would boil down to the pros outweighing the cons or vice versa.

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