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Cadillac Introduces New Super Cruise Hands-Free Sedan

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The new thing with car technology has got to be self-driving cars. Autonomous driving is getting more attention from customers. Tesla earlier announced its semi-autonomous Autopilot feature that can enable the car to change lanes on its own. Now, General Motors is adding more self-driving features to its cars with the hands-free system.


The new super cruise feature works like Autopilot. It uses sensors, cameras and GPS to guide the car. But, unlike Autopilot, drivers can drive their cars with their hands totally off the wheel. A small camera located directly in front of the driver detects when drivers need to be alert. It uses a buzz system to then alert the driver to get back to driving mode.


This system is on a level 2 and 3 autonomy with level 5 being the highest on a scale of 0 to 5 self-driving autonomy. These levels are a combination of computer driving and human assistance. They are increasingly becoming popular with the Super Cruise and Autopilot.


The new Cadillac sedan CT5 will include Super Cruise. This is in line with General Motor’s plan to offer the hands-free driving assistance in all new cars starting in 2020. However, the edition that is coming this year will be without the feature.



The Super Cruise feature was formerly only available in the Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan. But now, the driving tool works on mapped highways across America.

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