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ByeBye Camera App

Bye Bye Camera App Automatically Removes People From Photos

The new Bye Bye Camera app is genius, and you are about to find out why. We all have issues with photobombers and unwanted people in our photos. Sometimes you see amazing scenery, but the photo is marred by a crowd or unwanted people in the background. It could also be that you just want to remove your friends from your selfie.


All of these issues are about to be long gone with the new Bye Bye Camera app. What this app does, in essence, is to remove every human from the picture taken in one sweep.


ByeBye Camera


The new app was designed as an art project for an NGO called Do Something Good. The creator of the app is an artist by the name, Damjanski. He had worked on other interesting projects like a CAPTCHA that excludes humans.


According to Damjanski, the new app is “for the post-human era… The app takes out the vanity of any selfie and also the person.” The interesting part is that it leaves animals intact.


The app was created from a very arty perspective. It pretty much touches on interesting questions of how necessary humans are and what the world would be like without humans.


The Bye Bye Camera app uses Artificial Intelligence tools to make the app work. Apparently, it uses a very efficient object classifier called YOLO, meaning You Only Look Once. It quickly denotes the outline of a person.




YOLO also has a separate tool that performs a context-aware fill like Adobe feature. The image is filled with the original background when the person is taken off.


It is an interesting tool that can be used to prank your friends and clean up edits.


The Bye Bye Camera app is available on the iOS App Store at $3 only.


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