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Buying an unlocked iPhone? | See the pros and cons

Unlocked iPhones are quite rampant among online resellers, black market vendors and other unauthorised sellers. However, it does not mean that Apple itself does not recognise the need to unlock their phones. However, one good place to begin is likely why there are locked iPhones.

Well, an iPhone is locked if you can only access one carrier (or network service) company with it. Commonly, AT&T and Verizon have iPhones locked to them. They do this because they sell some of these devices to people. iPhones that you buy directly from Apple are not locked. The next question is likely: why would anyone buy a locked iPhone?

The answer is that sometimes, Verizon and AT&T are selling some iPhones at cheaper rate. With the device locked to their network, they can keep profiting from users’ regular subscriptions. Additionally, the official way to unlock an iPhone is to contact the carrier and follow the instructions they give. This is not always the case as several iPhones, unlocked without authorisation, have found their way into circulation.

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With the option of purchasing at a ridiculously lower prices, many people go for these phones. While this might seem like a smart shortcut and a way to save money, learn some of the associated dangers here.

Cons of buying unlocked iPhone

  1. You may find out that after a while of using the iPhone, it begins to experience malfunctions like going off unexpectedly, not being able to receive updates from Apple, and a complete breakdown eventually.
  2. Some features that a carrier specially adds their iPhones may be missing in unlocked ones.
  3. Warranties are missing and it could mean that damage repairs do not come at discounted prices any more.
  4. If you buy from an unknown seller, you may find it out to use the phone in countries like the US where most of the carriers are licensed.
  5. Illegally unlocked iPhones are a crime in the United States and could get you in trouble with the authorities.

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