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burna boy kicks fan out of concert

Burna Boy Kicks Fan Out Of Concert For Not Being ‘Encouraging’

Afrofusion Nigerian artiste, Burna Boy is as popular for his antics as he is for his music. The musician has been in the news severally for actions that do not directly pertain to his music career. And yesterday was no exception. At a show in Atlanta yesterday, Burna Boy kicked a fan out of his concert.


Apparently, the African Giant got annoyed at a fan for not being lively and excited enough. Instead of ignoring or trying to understand his reasons for his dullness, Burna Boy refunded the fan the cost of the ticket and asked him to leave.


You can view the interaction in the video below:


In the video, you can see Burna Boy questioning the fan, calling him annoying, and asking security to escort him out of the venue. Burna Boy, passionate about his art and also being invested in his performance, expected the same level of energy from his fans. But to others, it was just plain rude.



Burna Boy is a classic case of society judging men solely by their talent, not their personality. If it were to be any other artist, particularly a woman, an apology would have been issued by her PR team by now.


What is your take on this? Was Burna Boy right or wrong for kicking a non-indulgent fan out of his concert? Comment below.


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