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Burna Boy Drops Heavy Social Commentary In “Another Story”

If you are Nigerian, you already understand Burna Boy when he says “they want to tell us another story”. Strategically dropped a day before October 1, Burna Boy’s “Another Story” seeks to comment on the state of the nation. The video shows the ineptitude of Nigerian politicians and the consequent suffering of the general population.



The video opens with voiceover clips from Jide Olanrewaju’s “The Real Story of Nigeria“. The documentary demystifies the colonial and post-colonial eras of Nigeria’s history. It offers a sort of explanation for how we got where we are. Therefore, it is possibly the best backdrop for the message Burna Boy tries to pass across in “Another Story”.


bruan boy another story


The video shows the citizens of Nigeria blindfolded by the vices that chain the country to poverty and backwardness. Colonialism, corruption, violence, and religion blind the youth from achieving a higher purpose. Like in real life, there is widespread violence and destruction ravages the country.


Burna Boy rides in on horseback as he echoes the sentiments of political activists in simple catchy lines. He drops his vocals over the Kel P-produced instrumentation.


burna boy another story


Ghanaian rapper M.anifest then comes in with a verse that decries inequality and propaganda. Additionally, he raps about how Ghana, also a former British colony, suffers the same issues as Nigeria albeit on a smaller scale.


As Nigeria celebrates her independence today, Burna Boy’s video nags at us. Notice in the video that the government is completely unbothered by the plight of its people. Unfortunately, “Another Story” mirrors real life because the Nigerian government remains inconspicuous by its absence.


Watch the video below:


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