You are currently viewing Buju BNXN Says Lady That Leaked His N*de Is In Jail For Blackmail

Buju BNXN Says Lady That Leaked His N*de Is In Jail For Blackmail

Fast-rising Nigerian singer Buju BNXN has disclosed that his Swedish girlfriend that leaked his n*de video is presently in jail.

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The music star made this known during a chat with Cha Cha in an interview with Hot FM.

”That person is in jail now. Yes, nauu that’s blackmail. I did it to a woman you guys won’t take it easy.

I got serious backlash off that news because it was a fabricated lie

and it was all blackmail and it affected me seriously,” he said.

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Just last week, a lady known as Filma Jones, alleged to be his Buju’s swedish girlfriend released his n**e video on social media.

The “Lenu” singer got dragged on Twitter after his nudes was released on Snapchat. She further claims that she told Buju (BNXN) about the baby, Jones further claims that she told Buju (BNXN) about the baby,

but that he is trying to silence her and run away from his responsibility. She then added that when he came to Sweden, he told her he wanted a child, but not with a Nigerian girl.

However he blocked her when she got pregnant and sent his friends and manger to advise her to get an abortion.

Filma added that Buju’s manager had the audacity to tell her that she should be happy she got to sleep with Buju.

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