Britney Spears Wants Court To End Father’s Control Over Personal Life

Britney Spears Wants Court To End Father’s Control Over Personal Life

American artiste Britney Spears wants more control of her life and is seeking a change in the conservatory rights bestowed on her father, James (Jamie) Spears.

britney spears
Jamie Spears with his daughter Britney Spears

After her very public breakdown in 2008, the courts made her father, Jamie, her conservator, giving him rights to control major aspects of her life and decisions including her finances and healthcare.

A conservatorship is when the courts appoint a guardian or protector to manage the affairs of a person due to mental or physical limitations.

The megapop star suffered a major breakdown in 2008 which caused her to shave off all her hair and cry in public. The breakdown was due to substance abuse and mental illness. She was then admitted into a mental facility and Jamie took control of her life decisions. However, he stepped down from the role in 2018 due to ill health.

Now she’s filed documents through her lawyer asking the courts to permanently remove him and replace him with her manager, Jodi Montogomery, who assumed the role following Jamie’s hiatus.

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For the first eleven years of the conservatorship, Mr. Spears served on the role alongside a lawyer, Mr. Wallet who resigned a year ago.

This gave a father full rights and control over her life, money, and career; a situation she does not want to see a return.

However, the 38-year-old added she’s not intending to stop fighting the conservatorship entirely as she wants to be in control of what happens in her life. Though Britney’s fans have contested the arrangement severally, this will be the first time the generally public gets a glimpse of her personal wishes on the matter.britney spearsOn print media, Britney Spears praises the Conservatorship Program saying it “rescued her from a collapse, exploitation by predatory individuals and financial ruin” and that it made her “able to regain her position as a world-class entertainer.”

The document contesting the conservatorship also revealed the star will not be performing anytime soon. Her last performance was in 2018. She’d cancelled a 2019 performance stating her father’s health conditions as reasons. Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline, has custody of her two sons, but she has frequent visits with them.

Her lawyer, Mr. Dingham III says he expects Jamie to “aggressively” contest his removal from the role. Britney has already requested that they hire a lawyer skilled in complex financial court battles for the journey ahead.


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