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British Airways Inflight Entertainment VR Flight

British Airways Introduces Virtual Reality Inflight Entertainment For First Class Flyers

British Airways is looking to introduce Virtual Reality entertainment to its first-class passengers. The UK airline announced that it was offering VR headsets from a company called SkyLights for selected first-class flights. The international airline also said it will carry out the tests on first-class flights between London Heathrow airport and JFK airport in New York.


The entertainment will include 2D, 3D and 360-degree format documentaries, TV shows and films. There will also be an option of guided meditations that will help calm the nerves of people with aviophobia.


This is pretty much them making the already very comfortable first-class section even comfier. People flying economy will argue that they need the extra comfort more, but being rich comes with its perks.


The headsets from SkyLights look like googles, weigh 250 grams and are lighter than other popular headsets. The company worked with other airlines like Sri Lankan Airline and Air France in the past. Their VR sets are available in the private lounges of the planes.



Inflight VR entertainment has been tested by other American airlines like Alaska Airlines and JetBlue. The latter gave their passengers Google Cardboard headsets to view content in 360 degrees. However, it is not certain whether British Airways will introduce this to other passenger classes.


Meanwhile, a new study suggests that VR improves the healthcare industry. Apparently, pregnant women are experimenting with the VR headsets to ease the terrifying pain of childbirth. Burn victims are also using VR gaming to reduce pain when their wounds are getting dressed. The report suggests that VR can be therapeutic for pain relief.

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