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BrightDrop Begins Delivery Of Its First Electric Delivery Vans To FedEx

Logistics giants FedEx has started receiving delivery of its first electric delivery vans from General Motors owned BrightDrop. The electric vehicle startup is focused on producing delivery vans for its parent company General Motors.  The Automaker has decided to keep this EV company independent of its GM Brand.

GM's BrightDrop Delivers Its First Electric Delivery Vans to FedEx | Makeoverarena

BrightDrop will be shipping 500 of its EV600 delivery vans to FedEx, with 5 already delivered this month. These vans will be managed and kept at FedEx Inglewood, California facility with plans to begin deployment in early 2022.

FedEx receives its first fully-electric GM Brightdrop delivery vans | Engadget

As more of these delivery vans become available, they will deploy for delivery in Los Angeles. Specifications for this electric vehicle are an estimated 250 miles, 600 cubic feet of cargo space and weight of fewer than 10,000 pounds.

Still operating on the General Motors Ultium platform, BrightDrop will solely focus on developing and producing electric logistics vans.

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Meanwhile Budding electric car company Rivian will start delivering its electric vans to non-Amazon companies in 2023. The company made the announcement recently with a vague delivery date of “early 2023.”

Non-Amazon Companies Will Receive Their Electric Rivian Vans In 2023
Rivian Van

Other companies apart from Core Investor Amazon will receive their electric vans, pickups and SUV fleets long after Amazon own delivery for its Prime subscription service.

Amazon has backed Rivian with funds, the tech company will be building electric delivery vans for the E-commerce giants. Most of the logistics companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL and others are also looking to electrify their delivery and haulage vehicles.



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