You are currently viewing Brazilian Beauty Queen Gleycy Correia Dies At 27 After Routine Tonsils Surgery

Brazilian Beauty Queen Gleycy Correia Dies At 27 After Routine Tonsils Surgery

Brazilian beauty queen Gleycy Correia has died at 27. Correia suffered a brain hemorrhage and a heart attack following a routine operation to have her tonsils removed.

Brazilian Beauty Queen Gleycy Correia Dies At 27 After Routine Tonsils Surgery
Gleycy Correia

Gleycy Correia  who was crowned Miss United Continents Brazil in 2018  passed away Monday June 21st, at a hospital in the Brazilian city of Macaé more than two months after the simple procedure. Her body has been sent to a local medical examiner for an autopsy.

“She had surgery to remove her tonsils in late March and after five days at home, she had a hemorrhage,” Correia’s family priest, Lidiane Alves Oliveira, told the Mirror. “She went to the local hospital Unimed and had a cardiac arrest on April 4,” he continued.

“Since then she was in a coma, with no neurological activity, and today she passed away,” the priest heartbreakingly stated.

Correia was crowned Miss Contents United Brazil 2018. She underwent the routine surgery to have her tonsils removed in late March.

Abreu stated that the beauty queen’s parents believe that there was medical malpractice during the routine tonsil removal operation.

“God chose this day to collect our princess,” he wrote. “We know that she will be greatly missed, but she will now be brightening the sky with her smile.”

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According to a family friend, Correia’s parents believe there was medical malpractice during her routine tonsil surgery.

Correia boasted more than 52,000 followers on Instagram, with her account being taken over by her family after she fell into a coma.

The brunette beauty was born into poverty in Brazil, and used her social media accounts to talk about her humble beginnings, the Sun reported.

“I really wasn’t born in a golden cradle, I’m from a very humble family, but I’m so proud of it, really proud,” she wrote beneath one post.

After winning the beauty contest, Correia worked as a beautician specializing in permanent makeup.

Correia first began working at the age of 8, getting a job as a manicurist at a neighbourhood beauty salon.

As a teenager, she began entering local beauty contests before she was eventually crowned Miss United Continents Brazil at the age of 23.

After winning the pageant, the brunette worked as a model and a beautician who specialized in permanent makeup. She posted much of her work on her Instagram page. Correia was buried at a service held on Tuesday June 21st.

The results of the autopsy are pending. It is unclear whether Correia’s family plans to pursue legal action against the surgeon who performed the tonsil removal surgery.

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