You are currently viewing Brazil bans iPhone sales ahead of iPhone 14 launch over missing chargers in box
Brazil bans iPhone sales ahead of iPhone 14 launch over missing chargers in box

Brazil bans iPhone sales ahead of iPhone 14 launch over missing chargers in box

Brazil has banned the sale of some iPhones in the country because Apple has refused to put chargers back in the box. This ban comes ahead of Apple Far Out event for the launch of iPhone 14.

It appears that the ban only affects the iPhone 12 because it was the only one reportedly removed from the country’s telecommunications agency, Anatel. In addition to the ban, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security directed Apple to pay a fine of $2.3 million.

The issue began after Apple’s 2020 decision to remove chargers and earbuds from new iPhone cases. Its excuse was that many users purchasing new iPhones already have chargers and earbuds that they are using with their old device. So, including new ones could lead to them disposing of gadgets in good conditions and increasing electronic waste.

While Apple’s reasoning sounds logical, the Brazilian authorities are not having that. Senacon, the nation’s consumer protection agency, argues that without the Apple lightning charger, an iPhone is sold incomplete. Customers have to spend additional money to acquire the gadgets needed to enjoy the phone.

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It also says that if Apple truly wants to reduce electronic pollution, it should consider fitting its phones with the USB-C chargers. This way, new customers who have no iPhone accessories can use the Android charger to enjoy their device.

The directive to start including chargers in iPhones went out last year but the country said that Apple refused to comply.

“We have already won several court rulings in Brazil on this matter and we are confident that our customers are aware of the various options for charging and connecting their devices.” Apple told Reuters after this news broke.

The iPhone maker is confident that the ban would not stop the iPhone 14 sales from hitting its mark.

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