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Bras, Bo*bs And The Bra-Hating Generation

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Have you ever wondered what your bre*sts would say if they could speak? One undeniable truth is that they’d probably have a dislike for bras, just as you do. If you have never felt like tearing your bra off in a moment of rage like the Hulk, then good for you. This article is probably not for you. But if you’ve always dreaded the thought of wearing those cups that restrict your bre*sts, then join the club. For the girls who just want to jiggle, swing and bounce their bo*bies to the wind, we saved you a seat.


Bras, short for brassieres, are undergarments designed to support a woman’s bre*sts. They actually replaced the use of corsets for this function in the 19th Century. Ever since then, bras have been produced and designed in many varieties to fit into women of different shapes and sizes. Experts have even conformed to designing swimsuits and other outfits to mould your bre*sts perfectly. Still, some women in the 21st Century have opted to do without these bo*b-restricting devices. (Yes, let’s call them that!)





National #NoBraDay is celebrated on October 13. Sure, it’s a b****t awareness day, but it is also a day when many can get away with not wearing bras without being questioned.


Still, some women get away with not wearing them irrespective of the holiday, the size of their breasts or what they are wearing. Celebrities and models have also made this braless trend more trendy. The likes of Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are part of the trendsetters who rocked most of 2018 braless.



Wearing a bra is a choice, and many do this for many reasons that may be personal.


Generally, we know the reasons girls say ‘bye’ to this undergarment. Unfortunately, they still tend to get smirks from the older folks when they opt to go without a bra. It begs the question of whether having bre*sts swaying and nip*les pointed is considered s**y or an eyesore.


The older and judgemental folks who grew up in the bra era may frown upon the millennial ones. The truth is, the braless era belongs to those who care less about what people think and more about comfort. There are also other reasons why they have opted to stay away from the ‘bo*b-restricting device’. This era is more or less like the bra never even existed because they move around carefree without one. But what if it never even did?


Nevertheless, the fact remains that this generation actually has a choice of whether or not to wear bras. So, what’s it going to be? Join the club or stick with the good old bras?

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