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Bosch Kick-Starts Its First 5G Campus In Germany

In its Stuttgart-Feuerbach plant, tech giant Bosch is launching its first 5G campus. The company made the announcement today, 26th November 2020. Here are all the details concerning this project.


The Bosch plant in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany, is called ‘Industry 4.0 lead plant’. And with the launch of the 5G network, the company claims that manufacturing will proceed under ‘previously unheard-of conditions’. This means data being transferred extremely reliably and ultra-fast, and machines reacting almost instantaneously, Bosch explains. Nokia provided the 5G components that the company is using for its new network. Both Bosch and Nokia are responsible for network planning, operation, and servicing.


“For the first time, wireless implementation will be possible for critical applications that require absolute precision and safety. Without exception, people and machines will be able to cooperate safely and without barriers,” the company’s post reads.


Dr Michael Bolle, board of management member and CDO/CTO at Bosch says that with 5G the company will become more competitive. And the 5G roll out does not stop. Bosch will also ‘gradually’ make 5G network available in its about 250 plants around the world.

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In addition to this news, the company is also making products that can use 5G and launching its first solutions for industrial use. Launching the new cutting-edge network in this plant is important for the tech giant.


The Bosch plant in Stuttgart-Feuerbach is a research campus and the company boasts that it is ‘the factory of the future’. Speaking about the role of 5G, Bolle further said; “Campus networks are an important building block for Industry 4.0.”


Eight small base stations called ‘small cells’ are what ensure good signal reception throughout the manufacturing facility. It serves the 10,000 square metres ground of the campus network. Additionally, it provides wireless connection between machines and systems, allowing them communicate with each other in real time and exchange data within a few milliseconds.


With 5G, the integrated IT infrastructure will get maximum security and independence — because Bosch will then totally control what happens in the factory.


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