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Boost Your Confidence With These Five Colours

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Are you having one of those days when you just want to get in bed and curl up under the covers? You pretend like the world is on pause and hope that nothing would happen until you get your confidence back in check. You desire to wait it out until you feel just fine.

It may seem like a better option for you because you’d rather lock up than face the world with your emotions giving up on you. It’s not a sunny side up kind of day. Most times, things happen in our lives that we just can’t understand, like why you become a nervous wreck when it’s time to go out on a date you’ve been looking forward to.

It’s like there’s a sign on your forehead with the words, “I’m freaking out!” No one should see that, right? So you just do what your heart wants and crawl up into bed.

Instead, you should do what your head needs and brave it out. Prove to the world that you’ve got confidence.

The secret is pretty simple! Get yourself wrapped up in colours that give you an outward sense of confidence. Certain colours in their different shades and hues have a way of lifting our spirits and boosting our confidence, and colour experts all over the world have discovered the psychology of colour which proves this. Angela Wright, a researcher in colour psychology, found that each hue of colour influences a psychological mode.

Ever tried a red lipstick or worn yellow on a day you don’t feel so chirpy? Or have you felt better when you wear certain colours? You have probably discovered the power of colour without realising it.

Read on to find out five colours that can boost your confidence.


Let’s begin with the most obvious and most powerful colour: red. This colour is usually associated with danger, but the fashion community has turned it into a classic fashion statement. Red loves attention and, even if you don’t try, you’ll get noticed. You can use red with your accessories, lipstick or go all out with your outfit for a date, a meeting, presentation or just to paint the town red.


Sunny side up please! Yellow makes you smile, doesn’t it? This is because the colour has an optimistic and confidence-boosting effect. It can create optimism, friendliness, self-esteem, confidence, emotional strength, extraversion and creativity. However, because yellow comes in different shades and hues, you don’t want to wear yellow in an unflattering shade, or one that’s too overpowering. When you feel down, yellow is the way out.


This combination of red and yellow merges the effects of both colours. Those who wear orange are usually the life of the party. You can go all out in orange or just accessorise moderately. Orange is associated with positive feelings of security, warmth, physical comfort, fun, sensuality, abundance and passion. However, when worn wrongly, it can cause frustration and make others see you as immature and frivolous.


This colour is rarely considered as a confidence boost because of its ties to nature. Green is home. It is family. Its relaxing effect gives the kind of warmth that is sure to boost your confidence. Green helps with love, peace, harmony, balance, equilibrium, abundance and growth, which are major factors that help us to feel more confident within ourselves. You should wear this colour when you visit your loved ones.


This is one colour that illuminates intellect and is often seen in the business world. Blue boosts your intellect, communication, logic, and calmness. It is an ideal colour to wear to a business meeting to keep your mental focus and logic. When worn to a meeting or an interview, you are considered more trustworthy. It also flatters any skin tone.

Wear these colours when you feel down and get your confidence back in a jiffy. Most importantly, you should realise that, no matter what, you can smile your way to a confidence filled day.

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