You are currently viewing Bone Chilling South African Horror Movie “8” Is Coming To Netflix This June

Bone Chilling South African Horror Movie “8” Is Coming To Netflix This June

Netflix South Africa is churning out great content and we love to see it!. A new Netflix horror picture “8” will launch on the platform on June 19.


Netflix South Africa had previously given us “Sono” and “Blood and Water”. Now, they’re out with this horror Thriller “8”. the movie is rooted in deep African superstitions of spirits, ghosts, and the power of the ancestral forces.


If you love a good horror thriller then this one is for you.

Bone Chilling South African Horror Movie "8" Is Coming To Netflix This June

“8” tells the story of an unaccomplished William Ziel who returns to the farmhouse he inherited from his estranged father. He relocates with his wife, Sarah, and their adopted niece, Mary. Soon after moving in, they meet a mysterious local outcast Lazarus, who carries a dark secret that will put everyone at risk.

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Lazarus persuades William to hire him in spite of Sarah’s reservations. Afterward, he successfully forges a kindred bond with Mary, who, like him, still aches for her lost kin.


But among the locals, Lazarus is an unwelcome menace. He carries a dark secret in his sack: a demon reincarnation of his deceased daughter with an insatiable appetite for human souls.


In his pursuit to calm her, he facilitates several deaths and killings in the village, drawing the circle closer to the Ziels.


A personal connection to the story of loss and guilt was the inspiration behind  “8”, according to the writer and director Harold Holscher. Also, he’s always had a fascination for the genre of horror and exploring South Africa’s culture of superstitions.


“I love that one can take personal strife and place it within a film that can be watched and is relatable. The horror genre is a great genre to do this in, and I hope people enjoy and appreciate this for what it is”.


Set a reminder for “8” as it promises intrigue, horror, and premium entertainment.

See the trailer below


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