You are currently viewing Bobbi Brown Jr, Son Of RnB Legend Bobbi Brown Found Dead In His California Home

Bobbi Brown Jr, Son Of RnB Legend Bobbi Brown Found Dead In His California Home

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Bobbi Brown Jnr, son of RnB singer Bobbi Brown has been found dead in his apartment.

Bobbi Brown Jr
L-R Bobbi Brown Jnr & Bobbi Brown Snr

Police responded to an emergency call on Wednesday night November 18th, to Bobby Jr’s apartment in California. While it’s not clear who alerted authorities, police say there’s no suspicion of foul play.


His death is coming five years after the death of his sister Bobbi Kristina Brown and eight years after his stepmother Whitney Houston drowned in her bathtub.


Bobbi Jr is Brown’s second child he’d with his childhood friend, Kim Ward. Their relationship has been described as tumultuous as it coincided with his affair with Whitney Houston.


He and Whitney had Bobbi Kristina barely a year after Bobbi Jr was born. She was found unconscious in a bathtub. Bobbi Kristina spent 6 months in a coma before dying at age 22 in 2015. An autopsy revealed that drug intoxication and immersion led to the pneumonia and brain damage that killed her.

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Bobbi Brown had insisted on the trial of Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend for her death. Gordon was adopted by Whitney Houston when he was a child. He and Bobbi Kristina went on to form a romantic relationship when she was a teen and he in his twenties.

Nick Gordon however died of heroin intoxication this year in January.

“He worked hard to hold his head up and stay sober and … he genuinely wanted a happy healthy life with his family more than anything else,” Gordon’s attorney, Joe Habachy, said. “My heart goes out to the family and friends Nick leaves behind and to any other families dealing with the losses and heartache caused by drugs.”


Whitney Houston, her mother died 3 years before her death. She was found drowned in her bathtub after consumption of  Xanax and cocaine. Whitney’s 15-year marriage to Bobbi Brown was tempestuous, characterised by abuse and domestic violence.


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