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Blue Origin Plans To Launch Its First Crewed Flight In July 2021

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Jeff Bezos Blue Origin wants to launch its first crew of humans to the edge of space on 20th July 2021. The launch is set to take place aboard its suborbital New Shepard rocket, the company announced.


A seat aboard the flight will be auctioned off to support its philanthropic Club for the Future organization.

“On July 20th, New Shepard will fly its first astronaut crew to space. We are offering one seat on this first flight to the winning bidder of Blue Origin’s online auction,” the company said in a press release.


Blue Origin says that the auction begins today, inviting the public to place a bid on its website. The was also no information on how much each seat will cost in the future.

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New Shepard takes its name after the first American to enter space, Alan Shepard. The rocket is a 60-foot-tall reusable launcher designed to shoot a six-passenger gumdrop-shaped capsule to the edge of space.


New Shepard has successfully flown 15 tests since its first launch in 2015 but this is the first time with a crew on board. In April 2021, it made its latest flight, serving as an “astronaut rehearsal for future customer flights”.


Company executives role-played astronauts and ran through a bunch of pre-flight tests, however, they exited the capsule before liftoff. The seats in the rockets have their own push-to-talk buttons. This allows passengers to chat with ground control, as well as tablet-sized screens showing live flight data and video from the launch.



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