You are currently viewing Korean girl group BLACKPINK release comeback track with PUGB avatars
BLACKPINK release "Ready for Love" with PUGB Mobile avatars

Korean girl group BLACKPINK release comeback track with PUGB avatars

BLACKPINK and PUGB Mobile worked together on the music video of the group’s comeback track “Ready for Love”. It included their avatars and a virtual in-game concert.

The girl group had been away from music for almost a year after members started chasing individual careers. They took an unofficial break after their January 2021 concert, generated 280,000 membership sales, and streamed live in 100 countries.

Their music return has been in the works since then, and they revealed that their new album, Born Pink, was almost complete at the beginning of July 2022.

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To give fans a taste of what is to come, the group released the first music video of one track off the project, titled “Ready for Love”.

The video already has 30 million views, which is not surprising as the group is the biggest music export from Korean. Arguably, they are even more popular than their rival boy band, BTS.

PUGB Mobile creators made the avatars in the likeness of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. In the video, they explore the game’s fictional world.

While BLACKPINK may be the first K-Pop stars to do a digital show, in-game concerts have been a thing for a while now. Ariana Grande’s and Travis Scott have both done it on Fortnite while Lil Nas X and Royal Blood have done concerts on the Roblox gaming world.

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